Thank You Videos and Interviews with Community Leaders

Interviews conducted by the Hyack Ambassador Leadership Team

Gratitude Videos

Jonathan Cote – New West City Mayor

Todd Talbot – TV Host

Rnold Smith – CEO New West Chamber

Dr. Scott McAlpine PhD. – Chamber Board President

Kristie Campbell – Westminster Savings

Tracy Eyssens – New West Tourism Board Chair

Karen Ann Davidson – Food and Lifestyle Blogger

Zahra Stark – Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

Interviews with Businesses

Kendra Johnston – Downtown BIA

Stefania Butkovic – Mindful Mutts

Rich Patterson – Patterson Brands

Chris McFadden – Piva Modern Italian

Dave Vallee – Team Dave Vallee

Sonja Kennedy – Urban Academy

Anita Dunn – Mila and Paige

Stephen O’Shea – Arts Council New West

Jessica Schneider – Massey Theatre

Clara Kovats – Urban Bliss Spa

Penny McIvor – Hyack Association

Dr. Darcy Murphy – Queens Park Dental